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Review: Paradox Isle of Arran – Aledvent Calendbeer 2

Beer: Paradox Isle of Arran
Brewery: Brewdog
Type: Imperial Stout (matured in whisky casks)
Served: Bottled
Alc: 10% Vol
Aldevent Calendbeer Number: 2

Let’s be honest, Christmas and the days around it often involve swigging increased amounts of intoxicating liquor, some of which we wouldn’t normally be seen dead with (sherry, we’re looking at you) and having rather more bounce in your step than any other time of year.

Hence the inclusion of the rather potent 10% beer by Brewdog in out festive countdown.

Befitting an imperial stout matured in a whisky cask its a pitch black tipple with even a head that’s got a brownish hue. As the head quickly dissipates the nose proves to be just as black as the colour. You’re hit with an overpowering aroma of a road tarring truck in full action with treacle mixed into the barrel.

There’s very little on the foretaste, a small amount of whisky tickles the mid tongue and you get the first sensation of the beer’s dominant smokey, sweetness, but its very much a back loaded beer.

This kicks in more midway through the sip as the smokiness defines itself as that of a fishery smoke house and another hit of that dark treacle aroma.

The after-taste reveals strong coffee notes  and the treacle turns sweeter and clings to the back of the teeth, and this sweetness makes what must be the whisky revealing itself totally taste more like a dark rum.

Afterwards you realise that for a 10% beer the alcohol taste is fairly muted. I personally love the taste of alcohol but there’s enough going on in there to hold the attention. While Brewdog is the fashionable craft beer du jour, its the Punk IPA  and Trashy Blonde  that get the limelight. You’ll rarely find this outside of a Brewdog establishment but if you see this in your local offie its certainly worth picking up.

On repeat drinking it shows less sustained character than one would like and its a little less exciting than the label and pedigree would have you believe, but its certainly not a gimmick beer and well worth your time.

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