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Review: Black Lager – Aledvent Calendbeer 3

Beer: Black Lager
Brewery: Zeitgeist
Type: Black lager
Served: Bottled
Alc: 4.9% Vol
Aledvent Calendbeer Number: 3

Christmas is coming and with that the mandatory Christmas parties and get togethers.  And the go-to supply to fuel these? Usually several crates of lager. So, with that in mind, here’s Ale to the King’s first lager review; Zeitgeist’s Black Lager.

Now this reviewer is going to have to be frank and honest before the review goes further: I generally turn tale and run from anything that describes itself as a lager. This probably stems from my days of drinking well below the legal age limit and only hanging out in your standard chain pubs. Only serving your most bog-standard of brews I always found myself preferring the bitters or ciders on offer. Industrialized, more common lagers like Stella Artois  or Fosters just taste to me like gone off fizzy milk.

Needless to say at the aforementioned Christmas parties I bring my own.

Right, with that disclaimer out of the way, the Black Lager has a decent amount of character. Its got a pith black colour and whatever head lasts for more than a moment is a solid, finely bubbled white lending a very attractive appearance.

The first taste is mildly of black forest gateaux. You get the dark, ripe, cherries, and the light mixture of thick cream and chocolate. The whole flavour shoots round the mouth nicely and zips up the sides of your teeth.

Darkly fruity is a prevalent tone of the lager but there’s a hint of eldeberry mixed in around the middle of the taste.

The after-taste reveals prunes and figs which begin to dominate the flavour which reflects in the nose, which contains raisins and prunes. But in there there’s also definite Demerara sugar.

Then, just as things are subsiding, there’s the taste of that smell of a new car before you’re left with a very bready sensations on the roof of the mouth.

Its a nice, fizzy lager, worth a go if only for one experience but the overall expedience is a little flat and hollow. Its got a good amount of layers for a lager, but then its downfall is exactly that; its a lager.

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