Ale to the King.

Edinburgh's quality beer and ale review and culture site.

Drinking Buddies

Raise a glass to the friends of Ale to the King.

Robert J. Bayley – Writer Website

Survivor Productions – Facebook Page of my film company

Survivor Productions Blog – Blog of my film company

Survivor Productions official Twitter

Culture Bomb – Alternative Culture News site, articles written by Ale to the King editor Robert Bayley

Hungry Weasel – Food blog by the culinary connoisseur & Ale to the King contributor Louise Boyd

Wandering Lou Lou -Literary blog by the multi talented Louise Boyd

Digital Wood – Art & illustration by talented friend Stuart Wood.

The Owl & the Pussycat Web Comic – by the aforementioned Mr. Wood

All of Whine and Space – Media covering all manner of geekery.

KABOOOOOM – a particularly insightful comic-book with articles by wordsmith Dan Cole

A Comic-book Blog – Another swish comic-book site from Mr. Cole.

Cornucopia Radio – Genuinely hilarious audio comedy from rising comic Phil Mason

VenkmanStantz – A brilliantly titled blog from Natalie Rawlinson with ranting on TV, movies, gossip and… Robert Downey Junior

Film Creep – the off the wall and frankly berserk film rantings of Dave Martin.

James A. Mack – website of my talented antipodean writer friend James Mack.

Poly Design – the excellent website of excellent design company run by Caroline Meathrel

Poly Design Portfolio – the portfolio of Poly Design Studios by Ms. Meathrel

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