Ale to the King.

Edinburgh's quality beer and ale review and culture site.

About the Writer.

[The following will be done in third person. I’m not sure why, that just seems to be the way of these things.]

Robert Bayley is a writer living and working out of Edinburgh.

When he’s not quaffing and writing about good beer he writes reviews and articles for the alternative scene website Culture Bomb.

Robert Bayley is also making a go of the film industry and co-owns the independent production company Survivor Productions

Currently four of Robert Bayley’s scripts are in pre-production. Knock, Knock, Knock and Deadly Romance are shooting  this year, the trailer is in the can. Forced Perspective and Come Die with Me are scheduled to shoot summer 2013.

He is also writing material for a forthcoming Alternate Reality Game set in Edinburgh.

Follow him and Ale to the King on Twitter.

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