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Review: Schneeweisse Winterbier – Aledvent Calendbeer 16

Beer: Schneeweisse Winterbier
Brewery: Erdinger
Type: Wheatbeer
Served: Bottled
Alc: 5.6%
Aledvent Calendbeer Number: 16

Not only is the label of Schneeweisse Winterbier appropriately wintry but Hefeweizen is known for often being a crisp, off-white colour.

This isn’t nearly as pale as some of the other wheat beers at the lighter end of the spectrum, in fact its a dark orange of old, dry straw.

There isn’t a great deal on the nose, but there are slight and sweet citrus notes.

The Erdinger brand often carries with it notions of a very dark, heavy beer but I think that’s something that’s just cultivated by the dark brown glass, the name and the rather conservative labels. However this isn’t the case and this is a perfect example of the beer not completely matching the marketing. There’s some very soft opening notes of malt which then morphs into banana on the mid-taste.

As this follows through it becomes a little spicy but nothing overwhelming. Some might call this an elegant beer, and perhaps I just like mine big and boisterous in general, but this just lacks a little spark. There is a nice complementary tone of chives and slight garlic in the aftertaste and this isn’t a bad beer at all, just perhaps not as special as it could be if the flavours were a little more pronounced.

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