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Review: Scotch Ale – Aledvent Calendbeer 14

Beer: Scotch Ale
Brewery: Black Isle Brewery
Type: Ruby Ale
Served: Bottled
Alc: 6.2% Vol
Aledvent Calendbeer Number: 14

Now Ale to the King only moved the Scotland about a year ago and this reviewer has been made aware that you can’t call everything from Scotland Scotch. Eggs, Whisky, sometimes beef but not people. Well now I can at least add to the Scotch List Ale, which I suppose you could call a gift from Black Isle Brewery.

Befitting the name of the brewery the beer is impenetrable black on the pour with an off-white head. On the nose its very sweet and viscous. Its very like white sugar and a lighter fudge.

Its a dark, smooth taste and reminiscent of those sugary fruit jellies you get people at Christmas who don’t like chocolates. Following onto the mid-taste it becomes very similar to marmite, although I don’t think this beer will have such a polemically divided audience. Also, pronounced only on the mid taste is definite glacier cherry.

On the after-taste you’re treated to a delicious fruitcake sensation complete with the icing and marzipan. It lingers for a short amount of time and unsticks itself from your mouth surprisingly quickly.

Scotch Ale is a beer in stages, the layers and tastes are for the most parts very seperate and defined with little cross over. It also helps all these flavours are delicious and complimentary. Well recommended.

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