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Review: India Pale Ale – Aledvent Calendbeer 9

Beer: India Pale Ale
Brewery: Knops Beer Company
Type: IPA
Served: Bottled
Alc: 5% Vol
Aledvent Calendbeer Number:

Christmastime is where you can indulge and shamelessly treat yourself to some of your favourite things. So Ale to the King  included India Pale Ale by Knops Beer Company on the list for exactly that reason. But here’s why this underrated little beauty gets such high marks from this reviewer.

When you pop the cap off the bottled (and as is usually the case  thinner version) the nose immediately delivers a jolt of very sweet yeast that tickles the nostrils.

The colour I was finding hard to pin down; its definitely golden but I couldn’t place what kind. Then I realised I see that colour many, many times, and this might put you off, but if your urinary system isn’t troubled, you’ll see it a lot as well. That’s not to say its a bad thing, it took some time to liken it to something specific, so it shouldn’t put the drinker off.

Clocking in at 5% its perhaps at some people’s higher end of the session scale, but its certainly incredibly drinkable. Very light and refreshing it has a real thirst quenching quality to it. All the way through the taste there are plenty of citrus notes, really homing in on the lemon, which gives it its refreshing quality.

This switches direction on the mid-taste however, to something a little more bitter and tart, which is the yeast kicking into the taste-buds. This plays nicely with the spikey fizz which contrasts with both the citrus and yeast elements and follows right the way through to the syrupy sweet after-taste.

There wasn’t any doubt for Ale to the King already, but its good to point out a really charming beer you might overlook due to the less than exciting label.

Seek this dangerously drinkable ale out and you won’t be disappointed.

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