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Review: Finch – Aledvent Calendbeer 4

Beer: Finch
Brewery: Natural Selection Brewing
Type: Red Ale
Served: Bottled
Alc: 6.5% Vol
Aledvent Calendbeer Number: 4

Alright,  Ale to the King thought it was a Robin.

Finch however, despite not being named after the most festive of birds (aside from the turkey of course) is still a suitably Christmassy ale. Brewed by Heriot-Watt alumni the beer also gets bonus points from Ale to the King for being an Edinburgh ale.

But even if the beer wasn’t native to Auld Reekie, it easily stands up on its own merits. Its got an appropriately rich, dark, ruddy red colour that reminds of cranberries and a lovely frothy head for a bottled beer.

The smell is very light and sweet. Its got floral notes mixed in with honey and pollen but there’s also the sweet richness of panettone.

The beginning of the sip tastes rustic somehow, like old wood in a Highland pub with hints of orange peel which redefines itself as potent pomander as the drink goes down.

Its not just a bitter orange pomander on  the aftertaste however, its also tastes slightly of cranberries, altogether less red and ripe than those the beer’s colour resembles. Its also decidedly salty and its a saltiness that stays on the flat of the tongue for a remarkable amount of time, like its physically got granules of the mineral in it.

This isn’t to say its not smooth, it is, very much so.  This is an interesting contradiction in taste. All these layers don’t immediately reveal themselves, but gradually unveil in a very leisurely pace as the glass is drained. Much like its charming label, Finch is a beer that appears simple at first, but upon further inspection showcases real elegant complexity.

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